Re: You don’t need to be a coy, boy

Sau Roy, sau whatever.

Truth or dare? Neee e doar leapsa lu Yank.

11: You are a Mac. I’m Windows. We need an adapter.

12: I told you to swallow it, you refused, sorry, we cannot go on like this.

13: I love you honey, but no sex before marriage.

14: My car is consuming more with you by my side. Get off.

15: I didn’t know you are allergic to cats. I choose the cat.

16: You get a job, or you are out of here. Let me help you pack.

17: I’m prepared to have a child honey! I’m off to the pub, sorry.

18: It’s time for you to get a life. But you have to do it on your own honey.

19: I warned you not to use the “pufotifelat” word. Take a hike.

20: You are a joke. And i’m not in the mood for jokes. Piss off.

Si pentru episodul 3, leapsa merge la D-l Trandafir caruia ii incredintez metodele 21-30 😀


2 Responses to “Re: You don’t need to be a coy, boy”

  1. motivul 12 e cel mai tragic, pana acum. seriously. =)).

  2. Hehe, eram un pic dezamagita ca nu ai raspuns la leapsa. Me likes the result.

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